What's stopping women get active?

Over 80% of women do too little physical activity to benefit their health. But plenty of women like sport and often demand outstrips supply. So what's stopping more women getting active?

Lack of time and money

Work, family and other leisure activities take leave little time for exercise - often because women fail to prioritise their own activities in front of others.


Too self-conscious

Women hate the way they look when they exercise. Self-consciousness means many women struggle to get past the hurdle of how they feel about their own bodies.


Lack of confidence

Women often shy away from sport through lack of confidence in their own ability. Poor ball skills for example may be embarrassing, when actually that's due to a lack of practice.


Lack of good facilities

A supportive, pleasant environment makes a big difference. Public changing rooms can be very off putting. Sports clubs aren't geared up for women members.


Worried about body image

There's huge pressure in the media to be thin rather than healthy. Society places more importance on being attractive than active. Women grow up encouraged to be passively decorative rather than physically active.

What we're doing


We're building our expertise in the women's market, analysing the needs of particular groups, and understanding how to get women more active.

We're using our knowledge to help sports and fitness providers adapt their sport delivery to meet women's needs.

We're keeping the pressure on Government to remind them why women need to stay active. Why it's not just in women's own interests but those of their families and the wider community.

We're running campaigns that inspire women to be more active and which celebrate fit, healthy women.

Trends in female participation - APS findings - Whilst there has been a significal growth in female's participation, it is still falling short of men's, and the long term trend for young women's participation is still down.
Sweat in the City (SitC) was an innovative research project to help to find out why 16- 24 year old women are half as active as men of the same age. The project included mentoring and a gym membership.
Vitality Show 2013 - WSFF 'Sports Arena': We teamed up with a host of National Governing Bodies and organisations to present the inaugural Sports Arena at this years Vitality Show.