Beating the challenges and still going on – Bravo! Sportswomen

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Well, women are getting more involved in competitive sports. They start participating in sports right from their school days. With more women opting for athletics, there are some common challenges that have come as highlights for sports medicine. These challenges include problems like female athlete triad, exercise safety during pregnancy, concussions, ACL injuries, constant sex inequity and social injustice.

Some of the challenges faced by women in elite sports are


Concussions are classified as traumatic brain injuries (mild). The diagnosis is divided into emotional, physical observed and cognitive symptoms. The array of symptoms can range from difficulty in focussing and thinking clearly to dizziness and headaches. Concussions are reported more by female athletes than men athletes. Orthopaedic should be aware about concussion symptoms.

Exercise safety during pregnancy

Women engaged in sports can engage themselves in athletic regimes in pregnancy as well. It is very important to monitor the challenges related to the foetus and pregnant women while analysing the risk of a specific exercise. There are a limited number of effects of sports related exercises for pregnant women; still it is necessary to educate women so that they can take preventive measures.

Women involved in elite sports who choose to continue with training even in pregnancy should be counselled for adjusting their training regimes. Any exercise that results in a lot of exertion is not good for the health of the foetus.

ACL injuries

ACL injuries can affect a lot of athletes. The occurrence rate is more in women than in men. Physicians treating ACL injuries often find it challenging to treat women involved in sports.

With all these challenges, women are doing well in sports. They are beating the challenges to prove themselves. They are fighting the obstacles and going great. They are surely no less than men in sports too.