Knowing about remarkable events in women’s sport history

Since women entered the field of sports, there were many sports events that took place so far. Though the array of events started and many events took place over a period of time, let us learn about some of them.

The history of sports for women started in 19th century wherein women from upper social sector enjoyed horseback riding, tennis, skiing, gold and tennis. The first time when women participated in Olympic games actually happened when second Olympic games took place and that is in 1900.

According to the IOC, there were only 12 female athlete participants in 2nd Olympic games. These 12 participants came from 19 countries out of 1066 athletes. They competed in two events – tennis and golf. Archery was the only event where women participated in the third Olympics (St. Louis)

In fourth Olympics tennis, figure skating, archery, swimming, diving were the events where women participated. The decision of women’s participation in sport events was not in the hands of men working as a sports official.

When girls started with swimming and playing tennis in their school, many countries promoted girls for baseball, tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball etc., this way the female athletes were sent to international competitions.

Females also won 12 medals out of 25 medals for a country in the Olympics and that easily bridged the gap between male and female. Females still faced a lot of challenges in sports as they had the responsibility of raising their children, family and other responsibilities.

The sport organisations are discussing the problems that women face while they are engaged in sports and trying to work on those issues so that women can participate in sports. Women are encouraged to be a part of sports team in almost every country; still there is lack of facilities for women in many countries.