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Olympic Games: women at the Olympics

We have successfully celebrated another Olympic games this year and in my opinion this year brought fantastic achievements for dozens of outstanding female athletes from all around the world. But it took a long way for women to achieve what has culminated in today’s most important act in the Olympic Charter which states the committee’s absolute commitment to gender equality no matter what sport we are talking about. And luckily today we can see tons of women in sport, no matter what type or style that is.

Let me provide you with some very important milestones in terms of women in the Olympic Games:

Olympic games: This was the first time, when today’s bigger international sport even has included the first ever sport in which female athletes also participated and that was in fact tennis.

Olympic Games: this was the first ever Olympic games when every single one of the participating countries has included at least one female athlete in their Olympic teams. This Olympics was also the very first event where there were women participating in every single sports, therefore its written double history.

Women’s sports have slowly but surely started to conquer every international sport events all across the world and what is better to promote the importance of sports regardless of gender, race, nationality or social status, than the Olympics.

The main female sports on the Olympics include the following: Cycling, boxing, ice hockey, basketball, weightlifting, judo, archery, diving, running, swimming

These great sport events such as the Olympic Games, also including the Winter- and the Paralympics serve as the perfect inspiration and motivation for lots of girls and women out there to enroll themselves in a sport which is closest to their taste and become fitter day by day.