How women experience sport and fitness

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Trends in women's participation

There has been significant growth in female sport participation over the past few years. There are almost 500,000 more women were taking part in sport and active recreation at...
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Marketing Toolkit - Marketing Sports and Fitness to Women and Girls

A marketing toolkit designed to give top tips on marketing sports and fitness...
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Engaging more females in Sportivate

The current Sportivate landscape for girls

At a national level Sportivate has...

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Women and Informal Sport

WSFF in partnership with Sports Coach UK  have recently conducted a...
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The Ideal Sports Club for Women

Welcome change, Welcome women: The potential for sports clubs to engage the...
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Physical Activity and Mothers

In 2005, the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation commissioned Opinion Leader...
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Physical Activity and Older Women

In the autumn of 2004, the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF)...
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Sport and Sexual Orientation

This factsheet provides a succinct overview of issues relating to women's... Read more ▶

To Swim or not to Swim - Women and Swimming

In autumn 2005 WSF (Now WSFF) and the Amateur Swimming Association...
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Muslim Women in Sport

The world of sport is male dominated and women often come up against... Read more ▶