Girls and Education

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Kick off your career

WSFF CEO, Sue Tibballs talks women's football and the importance of women in the game.
Next Steps: Where to go for information and advice about getting involved in the game.
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NGB Toolkit - Changing the Game, for Girls

The problem of girls' participation levels will not be news to...
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Changing the Game, for Girls

Over half of secondary girls say that "girls are put off sport and physical...
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Girls, PE and Physical Activity

Changing the Game - Positioning paper (Full 50 page research report)  Read more ▶

Young Women and Girls 2010

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Teenage Girls and Dropout

This factsheet explains the reasons why teenagers drop out of sport, and...
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The Energy Project

This handbook documents the journey, research and findings of The Energy...
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Women and Sport at University

In September 2009 WSFF delivered a workshop at the annual BUCS conference.... Read more ▶