Tips for women to be successful in sports

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Research says that lack of exercise in many young girls’ leads to rebellious behaviour, low self confidence, poor health and substance abuse etc., if the girls stay physically active they tend to develop increased self confidence and positive thinking. Many girls, who enjoy sports in their young age, drop out from sports related activities, either because of losing interest or they think they are going to be teased by others.

The reasons are many, but as a parent you can encourage your girl child to continue with the sport they love even when they grow up. Women should understand what exactly the physical activity means. Make sure you exercise regularly and engage yourself in physical activity to boost your stamina.

Engaging yourself in physical activity can keep you active throughout your life and this will help you remain active in any sport activity that you wish to opt for.

Do not give up saying that you are not an athlete. Change your attitude about exercise. No one is a born athlete. It comes with practice and determination. Even the champions in various sport activities work hard to succeed.

You can go to sport events, where the participants are females. You can practice playing the sport you love. Try to gain more knowledge about the sport you like, read about female athletes. Watch or read their inspirational biographies. You can also maintain a scrapbook and stick pictures of your favourite sport stars.

Do not give up when you are involved in any physical activity. Track your progress by keeping a notebook to maintain records. Make sure you aim for a success in any sport that you like and work hard for it. Do not feel low, when you are not able to perform as that is the beginning and there is a long way to go.