Some challenging fact in Women sports

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Today, luckily we live in a world where women can try their hands and become successful in practically any sport they want to, but it wasn’t always like that and there are still several fields in professional sports where women should also be considered equal to men. This time I’d like to present you to some challenging fact in female sports, some ways to help women in sport and some things we could change and which will hopefully change soon

Salary differences: if the most current studies are accurate, men averagely get 30% more money for prize sorts. And this gap is even much larger when it comes to professional sports, such as boxing, football or MMA. This has been an ongoing issue and the base of several conversations on how this trend can change. Sports coverage: This might come as a surprise to many but women still get much less media coverage compared to men. According to the current data the average difference is around 53 – 1 in terms of articles written about male and female athletes.

Sports coverage 2: as per the latest studies only 5% of total sports media deals with female athletes. Females cannot do sports: In countries like the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Iran women are actually forbidden from exercising several sports, including martial arts.

No entry in stadiums: In Iran this goes to such levels that women cannot even participate at sport events as mere viewers. In case someone from the police finds a woman in a stadium he can arrest her.

These are only some of the challenges and problems which are still alive when it comes to observing whether equality is equal on all levels, and when we can see that it’s unfortunately far from the truth. Hopefully, todays and tomorrows more influential women can help change these disadvantageous trends soon.