Did you know that 30% of women aged 65 and over in Australia still take part in regular sport or activity - compared with just 7% in the UK.

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General tips for using the media

In addition to the specific guidance we have given on establishing relationships, writing a press release and interviews, here are some general points to bear in mind when dealing with the media.

Be creative. Has a member of your team got an obscure job or an interesting family link? What makes your sport different? What do you bring to the local community?

Do as much of the journalist's work as possible. Provide photographs if you can. If you are inviting them to your event, tell them exactly how to get there. Send a map or directions, and public transport tips.

Back up your story by using the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation's key facts and stats.

Provide a quote from a leading local figure, such as a local councillor or sports personality, if you can.

Be accessible. Make sure the journalist can contact you or someone else at any time.

Be persistent! Never give up.