Did you know that the five most popular activities to participate in are walking (19%) swimming (17%), visiting the gym (10%), recreational cycling (5%), and road running and jogging (including athletics) (4%).

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WSFF factsheets

WSFF has produced a series of free, downloadable fact-files. These include Sport insight factsheets, a comprehensive analysis of how women participate, and are involved in, various sports. This unique resource brings together data from a number of different sources, including Active People and WSFF's own leadership audit. Crucially, these factsheets also include new gender disaggregated data from Sport England's recent Sport Satisfaction survey.

This publication forms part of WSFF's offering to national governing bodies (NGBs) in 2009/2010, aimed at enabling your sport to better understand its audience, and deliver products and services that will improve its appeal to women and girls. We will continue to upload additional sport factsheets as they are completed. The insight will be updated as new data becomes available.

NEW! December 2009 - 'Trends in women's sport participation' which includes data from the recently published Sport England Active People Survey 3 (2008-09)

November 2009 - an insight factsheet that provides an analysis of women's participation in all sport, focusing on the various demographic characteristics that influence activity behaviour.

Our fact files cover a wide range of topics but if you feel any topic is missing, please email us with suggestions of what you would like to see added in the future.

WSFF can also provide tailored support and advice in some circumstances. Please look here for more details.

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