Did you know that football is the most popular team sport for women (1% of women), but is only the 12th most popular activity.

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Write to your MP

Our current campaign in the Houses of Parliament is for greater coverage of women's sport on television, on the radio and in newspapers.

We need people up and down the country to lobby for change. Lobbying your MP is a simple and practical way to let him or her know how you feel about the issues related to women's and girls' sport.

If you do not know your MP's name, you can find out by visiting the 'Find Your MP' and entering your postcode. If you want to speak directly with your MP then call the Houses of Parliament switchboard, on 020 7219 3000, to speak with their Research Assistant. You can also write directly to your MP, by mailing your letter to Firstname Secondname MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

Writing a letter or email

We have prepared a sample letter to offer guidance, if you would like to write to your MP. You may also find the following tips helpful.

Make sure that your communication is brief and concise. A short, clearly written letter or email that sets out the main arguments is more likely to receive a response than one that is too detailed, or makes excessive demands or threats.

Always ask for a reply. If you don't receive one, write again enclosing the original. Keep up the pressure and call their office by calling the UK Parliament switchboard on 020 7219 3000 and asking their office what is happening with the response.

Seeing your MP face to face

If you are involved in a local club or community project you could consider inviting your MP to visit and see your group or activity in action. Let your MP actually see the value of sport in your community.

You can use a visit as an opportunity to discuss the issues facing you, but be precise in your discussions. You may want to talk about specific local issues, or perhaps use our campaigning brief to raise the issue of women's sport in the media.

You can also visit your MP at their constituency surgery. Surgery times and places should be available from your local library, citizen's advice bureau or town hall.

After the visit

It is good to follow up your MP's visit with a letter thanking them for their time. In the letter, summarise the key points of your discussions.

Further useful information


Please remember to let us know how you get on.

Email us at info@wsff.org.uk