Did you know that 23% of women agree that PE at school put them off doing sport.

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Campaign for media coverage

Alongside our parliamentary campaign, we are campaigning across the media to see women's sport given the respect and coverage that it deserves. There are a number of ways in which you can help achieve this.

You can, for example, write to or email editors and those in charge of the media.

Whether it is national television or your local radio station, the people who control the media and make decisions about programme content listen to the feedback they receive from their viewers, listeners or readers. At the moment the most vocal consumers of sports coverage are those who want more of the same - that is, more professional football, more (men's) professional rugby and cricket. If we are to achieve a more balanced approach, we have to make our voices heard.

TV and radio

Examples of questions to ask:

  • Why was there no coverage of the women's football world cup final on terrestrial television?
  • Why does the BBC sport website not show information on women's county cricket or rugby union?
  • Why did I not hear about Nicole Cooke's world championship race on Sky Sports News?

The questions will vary according to what is relevant but there are also general questions that you can ask. You could email or text Radio Five Live and ask them why they do not give coverage to the women's FA Premier League results. Or you could email the Sports desk at The Guardian and ask them to show the results of the women's cricket premier league in their sports pages. Unless the decision-makers know that there is a demand for coverage of women's sport, nothing will change.

Have your say

BBC Sport
All the action as it happens

The following suggestions are ideas for how you can have your say. The BBC provides a wealth of sports coverage. However, despite being a public service broadcaster, the balance does not always reflect the people watching and the licence fee payer. You can complain to the broadcasting watchdog OfCom or if you would like to write to the BBC about their sports coverage please click on feedback below.

Feedback via the BBC website
Director of Sport BBC Sport
Television Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ
Head of Programmes and Planning
BBC Sport
Television Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ

Radio Five Live is the number one dedicated national news and sport radio channel in the UK. You can contact the station at any time. You can text them on 85058 or go to their website where you can access their specific programmes or have your say on one of their interactive forums

The BBC sport website is a leading information source for sports news in the UK. However it does not offer a balanced coverage of women's sport. Find out here how you can make your voice heard.

Sky Sports provides the widest range of commercial coverage of sport in the UK. Sky Sports website.

Head of Sport
Sky Sports
Grant Way
Middlesex TW7 5QD
News Editor
Sky Sports News
Grant Way
Middlesex TW7 5QD
Call 020 7705 3000 to get the names of the people who hold these positions.

Newspapers and magazines

To write to newspapers and magazines, look in the editorial information of the publication for its contact details or access them via one of the websites below&hellip

Useful websites


Radio stations

All media

Further information available on this site

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