Did you know that 23% of women agree that PE at school put them off doing sport.

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Sample letter to your MP

Sample letter to your MP [Microsoft Word document]

[Firstname Surname], MP
House of Commons
London SW1A OAA


Dear [Ms/Mr/Mrs/Miss] [Surname],

I am writing to you to raise my concern about the desperate lack of media coverage of women's sport in the UK.

I passionately believe in the value of sport. In this country we are failing to encourage physical activity and fitness among women and girls. As you probably know, there are tremendous benefits to be had from taking part in sport and, for women and girls in particular, sport helps prevent obesity, many forms of cancer and osteoporosis. It also helps improve self-esteem among young women and therefore improves mental and sexual health too.

However I am concerned that the nation is not taking the opportunity to make the most of those potential benefits. I find it unbelievable that only 5% of sports media coverage in the UK is dedicated to women's sport and that, according to figures from the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation, women are 32% less likely to play sport than men.

I believe that this is a shocking imbalance and I would like to know what you and your party are doing to ensure that women and girls are given the opportunity to take part in sport. While I realise that it is difficult for politicians to control or steer the media, I feel strongly that something should be done.

If the UK is to address its unenviable position as a nation that leads the way in disease and obesity, and if we are to nurture more world and Olympic champions, we need more role models - and the media has a critical role to play.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,