Did you know that 60% of women prefer 'exercising' to playing sport.

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From research reports to strategic recommendations, WSFF produces a variety of written material which share our insight into the barriers women face in sport and physical activity, and how to tackle them.

It's Time coverIt's Time
Published in 2007, It's Time is a ground-breaking research study into women's participation in sport and exercise.

The report reveals the true extent of the crisis in women's physical activity, highlighting the critically low levels of women's participation in sport and exercise. It's Time explored and explained the reasons for this and the complex motivations that are specific to women.

Creating a Nation of Active Women coverCreating a Nation of Active Women
Creating a Nation of Active Women is the first national strategy to increase women's participation in physical activity. The strategy is based on findings from the It's Time study and outlines a new compelling vision and approach to address the problem.

With practical recommendations, the strategy provides a framework, compromising three key imperatives, for those who develop policy and design, and who deliver and promote sport and exercise for women and girls.

Women in sport audit coverWomen in Sport Audit
The Women in Sport Audit 2007/2008 looks at the inequalities faced by women's sport.

The Audit looks across the three core areas of Leadership, Investment and Profile to provide an overview of the sector and uncover where sport is missing out when it comes to women.

How the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation can help you coverHow the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation can help you
WSFF is helping the sports sector understand that women and girls aren't a "hard to reach group", they are half the population and are the most under-utilised opportunity that sport has.

This brochure sets out a number of ways in which sports deliverers can access WSFF's insight and expertise, including more tailored consultancy support towards their individual needs.

From the 'Barriers to sports participation for women and girls' to 'Funding', WSFF provides a range of downloadable factsheets designed to inform sports delivers in their work with women and girls.

The Energy Project graphicThe Energy Project
The Energy Project documents the journey and findings of a study aimed at increasing physical activity among schoolgirls. Targeted at both primary and secondary girls the project sought to increase activity through the creative use of existing school time and help sow the seeds of an active lifestyle.

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