Did you know that 21% of men agree that being sporty is not feminine.

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Meet...Sue Tibballs

Sue TibballsQ: Tell us about your role at WSFF...

A: I'm the Chief Executive of WSFF so am responsible for the overall direction and performance of the organisation. I joined in October 2006, and in that time have led the organisation through a thorough period of review, resulting in our re-launch as the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation in November this year.

Q: What has your career involved so far?

A: I have worked as a campaigner for over 15 years. Much of my career has focused on equality and environmental issues, but not until now sport. I began my career at the Women's Environmental Network in 1992, founded the Women's Communication Centre think tank, before joining The Body Shop as Campaigns Manager. When my two children were young, I freelanced for clients including the Co-op bank, BT, Transport for London and UK Nirex plc. I have also worked as Projects Director at the Future Foundation and served as a Trustee and then Chair of Fawcett.

Q: If you could change only one thing to have a positive impact on women and girls' activity levels, what would it be?

A: A magic wand that could stop girls becoming insecure about their bodies. My daughter is still only 7 and luxuriates in her body. I am dreading the day she starts to become self-conscious and self-critical. Running around and getting hot and sweaty is a great antidote to a society obsessed with physical perfection.

Q: What's your favourite sport?

A: My greatest love is not sport but dance. My school sport was pretty poor, so I took up dance instead. But I like watching athletics and tennis. I love the sound of the cricket on the radio. I like playing football in the park but not keen on watching it on the TV. Have recently discovered rugby. Would like to learn to sail. Am a keen walker - and climbed highest active volano in the word on my honeymoon - but children not good at walking in straight lines yet. I try and stay fit by cycling to work and taking the stairs.

Q: Most memorable sporting event?

A: Being selected to represent my school in the 1500 metres at the county championships for the simple reason I was the only girl to bother running round the track. On the big day, I realised all the others looked pretty quick, so I sprinted one lap and then faked a fall so that I lost but kept my pride intact. I also find it very moving when women win big sporting titles - maybe because I can relate more directly to their achievement. Most recent was watching Paula Radcliffe win the New York marathon and then rush to get baby Isla from the crowd.

Q: Give us a fascinating fact about yourself:

A: I had a shaved head for a while at University (don't ask) and was invited onto the ITV programme The Time, The Place to discuss a new hair loss remedy with acute hair loss sufferers. I felt bad.

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