Did you know that for girls age 15, 50% are not reaching the recommended level of exercise of one hour of moderate physical activity per day and 35% are not achieving 30 minutes of activity a day.

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Meet... Chris Lillistone

Chris LillistoneQ: Tell us about your role at WSFF...

A: I'm the Insight and Innovation Manager which means that I have day-to-day management responsibility of the research projects that we commission. I also keep abreast of data and evidence being produced by other organisations. As a team, we use this knowledge to develop solutions and ideas for how to get more women and girls' active. We also act as an information service, providing briefings to parliament and beyond.

Q: What has your career involved so far?

A: I started my career as a research graduate at the Office for National Statistics in 1999, writing chapters on the environment, transport and 'lifestyles' (whatever that is!) for the Social Trends and Regional series as well as the UK Yearbook. Internal promotion to the Labour Market Division saw me spending three years working with labour market statistics. Strangely enough, labour market stats did not enthral me, and so I retrained as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer, with the intention of giving it all up, but while trawling the newspapers for PT jobs in 2004, I saw the ad that looked right up my street - Evidence Co-ordinator for the WSFF - combining my interest in research with my love of fitness and sport. It was fate.

Q: If you could change only one thing to have a positive impact on women and girls' activity levels, what would it be?

A: I would change the culture that exists in the UK where many girls are socialised from an early age to feel that by being sporty they cannot be feminine and that sport is what boys do.

Q: What's your favourite sport?

A: I don't have one favourite sport sorry! I am not a 'watcher of sport' I prefer to being out doing things. My two greatest passions are running and aerobics - nothing beats the high of a hard workout. I also enjoy the challenge of marathons and triathlons (except the cycling bit!). Helps to balance out my love of crisps and white wine.

Saying that, I was introduced to the joys of going to a live 20:20 cricket on my birthday this year - just short enough to keep me interested, and along with the songs, a few glasses of Pimms and chat it was a perfect night out.

Q: Most memorable sporting event?

A: I remember crying when watching Jonathan Edwards, CBE, break the world record for the triple jump at the 1995 Olympics. I also remember clearly I was doing my ironing at the time.

Q: Give us a fascinating fact about yourself:

A: Fascinating? hmm....I recently appeared in a three minute tv 'short' for Channel 4 in just my bra. (fortunately you can't see my face!)

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