Even elite sportswomen face challenges

British sport remains a pretty boysy place. Men's sport dominates our TV screens and sports media; men hold the majority of top jobs and so make most of the decisions. 

Today only 7% of sports media coverage is devoted to women's sport and just 0.4% of commercial investment goes to women only sport. However, over 60% of sports fans say they would like to see more women’s sport on the TV.


Today only one in five Board positions are held by women in publicly funded sport. A high number of sports have no women in their senior decision making team at all. 

What we do


We campaign for increased media coverage for women's sport, and prove that demand exists for it.

We provide sports with the evidence and business case arguments needed to sell their sport to sponsors and increase commercial sponsorship.

We help more women secure top jobs and board positions in the sport sector.

We manage the influential Commission on the Future of Women's Sport chaired by Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson DBE.

The Women’s Sport Network provides a forum for people who are passionate about women’s sport to meet, share experiences and discuss key issues facing women’s sport.
New WSFF research shows that 55% of golfers think that hosting major championships at single gender clubs damages the reputation of Golf. This sparked the #thehalfopen campaign.
The fourth Trophy Women? report - The report, highlights the worryingly low levels of female representation across NGB Boards and senior management teams.