Tools and Resources for Deliverers

This is a list of tools and resources for deliverers. To filter the list, click the links on the left.

Local Delivery Toolkit

Download your own personal toolkit for creating the best sport and fitness programme for women.

Tailor the toolkit to cover all of the categories you need, download and use it to create an...
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Marketing Toolkit - Marketing Sports and Fitness to Women and Girls

A marketing toolkit designed to give top tips on marketing sports and fitness...
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Engaging more females in Sportivate

The current Sportivate landscape for girls

At a national level Sportivate has...

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The Diversity Toolkit

Take the Diversity Challenge to help drive inclusion in sport

A new online...
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Women and Informal Sport

WSFF in partnership with Sports Coach UK  have recently conducted a...
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NGB Toolkit - Changing the Game, for Girls

The problem of girls' participation levels will not be news to...
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The Ideal Sports Club for Women

Welcome change, Welcome women: The potential for sports clubs to engage the...
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In addition to a lot of committment and an innovative approach, getting more... Read more ▶

11 Reasons: Why Sports Should Work with Women and Girls

In this factsheet, WSFF illustrates the benefits to sports bodies of working... Read more ▶

Female Psychology and Considerations

Each factsheet provides insight into the female athlete and her needs, and...
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