How women experience sport and fitness

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Trends in women's participation

There has been significant growth in female sport participation over the past...
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Marketing Toolkit - Marketing Sports and Fitness to Women and Girls

A marketing toolkit designed to give top tips on marketing sports and fitness...
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Engaging more females in Sportivate

The current Sportivate landscape for girls

At a national level Sportivate has...

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Women and Informal Sport

WSFF in partnership with Sports Coach UK  have recently conducted a...
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The Ideal Sports Club for Women

Welcome change, Welcome women: The potential for sports clubs to engage the...
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Physical Activity and Mothers

In 2005, the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation commissioned Opinion Leader...
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Physical Activity and Older Women

In the autumn of 2004, the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF)...
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To Swim or not to Swim - Women and Swimming

In autumn 2005 WSF (Now WSFF) and the Amateur Swimming Association...
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Sport and Sexual Orientation

This factsheet provides a succinct overview of issues relating to women's... Read more ▶