Why we're here

We exist to help Britain's women be more active.


Only one in five women (and one in ten girls) do enough exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy.


And we don't think that's a good state of affairs.


Women are capable of great things, but to be the best they can be, they need to look after themselves.


Women need to move more; whether that's dancing in the living room or playing rugby, swimming in the sea or sprinting for the line.


Our challenge is to help more of them be more active, more often.

Our Values:

We're ambitious: creating a nation of active women is a huge ambition.

We're realistic: we know it's not going to be easy.

We're practical: everything we do is based on solid insight and intelligent analysis.

We're open: we work closely with others to achieve change on a scale we can't achieve on our own.

We're helpful: we show others how to help women be more active.

We're persuasive: lobbying and campaigning for change.

We're inspiring: we look for ways to give women the encouragement we all need.